Artur Ortega and Leonie Watson on Screen Readers and blind users

Artur Ortega and Leonie Watson showed and explained the audience at Scripting Enabled what it means to use a screen reader, what screen readers are out there and how you can help screen reader users by building your JavaScript applications the right way.

Denise Stephens on Multiple Sclerosis

Denise Stephens gave a wonderful presentation on how the world is in her eyes and senses and what problems she encounters online suffering from MS. There are some good tips there but in general we got a great insight into good interfaces being about adaptability more than anything else.

Antonia Hyde on Learning Disabilities

Antonia Hyde explained to the audience the impact of web design on people with learning disabilities. There is not enough data out there on user testing covering learning disabilities - this was a very welcome exception. Antonia also pointed out the necessity of collaboration as the first and foremost mean of building systems that work, going into detail about our collaboration on building easy youtube.

Phil Teare on Dyslexia

Phil Teare, being a dyslexic developer who built several applications to make his own life easier explains the ins and outs of surfing the web when words can be overwhelming for you.

Jonathan Hassell on Dyslexia and Gaming

Jonathan Hassell of the BBC did a joint presentation with Phil Teare on the impacts and symptoms of dyslexia on web design and usability. Jonathan goes through the results of a BBC research and gives some tips on how to not block out dyslexic users completely.